Free Children’s Book: 12 Symbols of Christmas

Free Children’s Book: 12 Symbols of Christmas

Dec 3, 2012

Here is a printable Christmas book about the 12 Symbols of Christmas. I have taken symbols of Christmas that we see all over the place and researched the true meaning of them. Each one has a Bible Verse along with and explanation and a simple picture. This would be good for children preschool and up as well as personal family time. This can be incorporated into any lesson about Christmas as well as a stand alone story.

Download this Christmas Book

Here are a few ideas for using the book, if you want to extend this into a longer lesson:

  1. You can have each item in a large bag. Have children take turns taking an item out of the bag and then the corresponding page can be read along with it.
  2. You can have a picture of each item in the book. Hide these pictures around the room and have the children find the pictures before reading the book. As you read each page, have the child who found that page stand up and show their picture.
  3. You can print out this book using the Coloring Book part of your printer so that the children can color their own book as you read it to them.
  4. You can use this with the 12 days of Christmas 12/13 through 12/24. Read/Color a page a day and put up that item in your house/room after learning about it.


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